Monday, May 16, 2016

Music Monday: The Voice: Kids - German TV Series

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This week I'm spotlighting a few performances from The Voice: Kids (which is a German version of the singing competition for those age 8-14).  I've enjoyed watching the American edition during the auditions segments, but up until a few days ago I didn't realize there was one for younger performers.  A friend of mine shared some of his favorite auditions with me - and, I'll admit it, I've listened to a lot of theses kids audition - they're just so talented and the judges (none of whom I recognize) seem to be really excited about their work.  Also considering all three of the songs I'm sharing before are in English, and chances are English isn't these performers' first language - that makes it all the more impressive!

"Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys - Performed by Chelsea (2013) - I totally wasn't expecting this little girl to have such a big voice!  I'm not surprised all three of the judges turned around - and even let her sit (and sing) in one of their chairs!

"Applause" by Lady Gaga - Performed by Soufjan (2014) - This kid has real talent and he looks like he could be 12-14 years old, although he sounds like he could be quite a bit older.  Honestly, I like his version of the song more than Lady Gaga's original.

"Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis (2015) - This is just so much fun!  You usually don't see rockabilly songs that are nearly 60 years old being performed on these kinds of shows, but Tilman certainly brings down the house.  He even strikes the heel of his foot on the keyboard - and one of the judges steps on his button to turn around!


  1. Sometimes I find myself watching these videos on YouTube...It's SO ADDICTING!!

    1. You said it! :)

      Thanks for linking up, Giovanna!

  2. How cute! Love this Music Monday BTW. I'll have to do this next week. :D

    1. Cool - thanks! The more the merrier! :)