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ScreamAthon - Annoucement & TBR

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I'm sharing my TBR for ScreamAthon, a readathon that will run the entire month of October.  It's hosted by @lifeWHITme (the creator of the PopCulture Readathon), @readingparent (a cohost of the PopCulture Readathon), @JBreatheNBooks, and @LaFlorDeJalisco.  As you might have guessed, it's themed around that classic 1996 movie.  You can read any type of book you like for the readathon, not just horror or thrillers.  As long as your choice fits the prompt, you're good.  The hosts have created a bingo board to help direct our reading - and the goal is to get at least one bingo of 5 books completed.  I'm going to be very ambitious and am going to aim for a full black out bingo.  You can keep up with the action on Twitter with the hashtag #Screamathon.  Keep reading to see my TBR for this readathon: 

Wrong Number: Number In The Title

My choice: Three Parts Dead (Craft Sequence #1) by Max Gladstone - I've been meaning to read this series and this author for ages.  It's been sitting on my shelf for long enough!

Gale Weathers:  Unlikeable Characters

My choice: Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (Johannes Cabal #1) by Jonathan L. Howard - Sure, the title character sounds like he's plenty charming and snarky, but given what he has to do I'd say that makes him pretty unlikeable.

Stab: A Book Within A Book

My choice: Magpie Murders (Susan Ryeland #1) by Anthony Horowitz - This sounds like it's going to be an awesome mystery thriller that's a dark homage to Agatha Christie.

Rules of the Sequel: Book With Gore

My choice: Never Let Me: Never Let Me Sleep, Never Let Me Leave, Never Let Me Die (Melissa Allen Trilogy #1-3) by Jennifer Brozek - I just happened to find this at a library book sale.  I'd never heard of it before, but it sounds like it has potential.

Maureen Prescot: Paranormal Book

My choice: Superstition by David Ambrose - A horror novel focusing on a parapsychologist and a séance gone wrong?  Sounds good to me! 

Making Popcorn: Food On The Cover

My choice: Many Bloody Returns: Tales of Birthdays With Bite edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner - This short story collection sounds like a lot of fun with a lot of great collaborators.

Deputy Dewey: Mystery With A Clueless Character

My choice: Thud! (Discworld #34) by Terry Pratchett - Sam Vimes may not always be the brightest bulb, but he sure gets things done!

Mrs. Loomis: Good Old Fashioned Revenge - Revenge Plot

My choice: You're Next by Kylie Schachte - I've been looking forward to a good new YA Mystery Thriller.

Joel The Camera Man: Contemporary 

My choice: Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power - It also qualifies as a YA Horror Mystery as well.

Woodsboro: Small Town Setting 

My choice: The Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories by Charlaine Harris - I really enjoyed this series, or at least up until the last four anyway when it started going off the rails.  I'm hoping some of these shorts will feel like the earlier installments.

I Wanna Play A Game: Features A Game 

My choice: The Gameshouse (The Gameshouse #1-3) by Claire North - I loved North's The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August so I'm really hoping this will become a new favorite instead of going the direction of 84K and The Pursuit of William Abbey for me.

Randy - Rules to Abide By: Classic Horror Novel

My choice: Necroscope (Necroscope #1) by Brian Lumley - Just look at that cover!

Free Space!

My choice: The Tower by Simon Clark - I've never read anything from this author, but I have a hard time resisting a haunted house story.

Head Shot, Just In Case: Book Featuring The Undead

My choice: Death Warmed Over (Dan Shamble, Zombie PI #1) by Kevin J. Anderson - I've read a couple of Dan Shamble short stories and I'm really looking forward to starting in on his novel series.

Jill - World-Wide Sensation: Hyped Book

My choice: Fellside by M.R. Carey - I've enjoyed everything I've read from this author so far and I have a feeling this will be no different.

Would You Settle For PG-13: YA Book

\My choice: Steeplejack (Steeplejack #1) by A.J. Hartley - I've had this YA fantasy steampunk on my shelf for ages.  It's time I finally get to it.

Don't Blame The Movies: Book To Movie Adaptation 

My choice: A Manhattan Ghost Story (Manhattan Ghost Story #1) by T.M. Wright - I'm pushing it with this prompt.  I have a copy of this that has a sticker on the front saying that it's soon to be a major motion picture.  Yeah, turns out the movie fell through and never actually happened.  Apparently, there weren't a whole lot of copies released with that sticker.

Mickey - Our Little Secret: Book With Mental Health Focus

My choice: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson - I can't believe I've been putting this off for six whole years.  It's time.

The Rules Don't Apply: Standalone Within A Series 

My choice: Boneyard (Deadlands #3) by Seanan McGuire - I've never read the previous installments or played the game that they're based on, but it sounds good.  Plus, you can't go wrong with Seanan McGuire.

Stab-A-Thon: Reader's Choice

My choice: Ghost Road Blues (Pine Deep #1) by Jonathan Maberry - I've enjoyed his style in the past and I'm looking forward to starting a new series from Maberry.

Sidney Prescott - The Final Girl: Slasher Novel

My choice: The Merciless III: Origins of Evil (The Merciless #3) by Danielle Vega - This YA Horror series has been great and I'm looking forward to seeing where it's going to go here.

Billy Loomis - We All Go A Little Mad: Psychological Thriller

My choice: One By One by Ruth Ware - I love Ware's style and this sounds like it's going to be another great read.

Sober Sister: College Setting

My choice: Unseen Academicals (Discworld #37 ) by Terry Pratchett - I love this series and this sounds like it'll be a lot of fun.

Stab 3 - Movie Magic: Book With A Magical Element

My choice: Boneman by Lisa W. Cantrell - This doesn't have the best reviews, but I want to see how it lives up to Top Cops and Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Scream - The TV Series: Read A Spinoff Book/ Series

My choice: Witch's Canyon (Supernatural #2) by Jeff Mariotte - I'm not ready for Supernatural to come to an end this year, but I'm looking forward to reading this tie-in novel that's set during season 2 as well as the other books in the series.

Are you taking part in ScreamAThon?  Have you read any of these books?  What are you reading to prepare yourself for Halloween?  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and perhaps even commenting down below!


  1. This sounds like a really fun readathon! I loved Fellside, it was different than I expected but really good. Have fun!

  2. Sounds fun! I am scoping out the readathons for October trying to decide which ones I want to do, so many!

    1. There are a lot of good ones going on in October. Good luck, Stormi!

  3. This is SUCH great TBR! I've read the Terry Pratchett books, but none of the others. Three Parts Dead is on my wishlist though.

    I'll be checking back to see how you're doing :)

    1. It sounds like it's going to be amazing! Thanks for coming over, Hanna.

  4. There are so many spooky readathons happening! I’m excited. Good luck. I hope you enjoy these books!

  5. Okay! This looks right up my alley! I've got to do this too! You've got some great books chosen!

  6. I've been thinking about my October TBR and I just saw this right on time. I will definitely consider this read-a-thon! I really like monthlong readathons over weeklong ones.


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