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Magical Readathon: Orilium - The Novice Path Announcement & TBR

Happy Wednesday everyone!  This September marks an all new iteration of the Magical Readathon, hosted by G. @ Book Roast.  You can visit Twitter account for it here.  Instead of being a Harry Potter themed readathon, this is features and all new world and story that our wonderful host has created for us.  It is based around a magical academy (Orilium), but taking the Novice Path during month of September focuses on our journey to the academy.  We'll also get to learn more about the world and begin to create our characters.  Next year, we'll have the opportunity to study magic at the academy as a part of a 2 month readathon (potentially in April and August of 2022).  In order to successfully complete the Novice Path, you only need to complete two prompts, but you can do as many as you like.  The character creation aspect (the Scholar's Key) of this readathon is open to complete up until April 2022.  You can come up with several aspects of your character's story yourself, but there are also 3 prompts to select some things.  I will be saving those for later since I'm aiming to complete all 7 prompts for the Novice Path.  Without further ado, keep reading to see the books I plan on reading to make my journey to the Orilium Arc:

1. The Novice Path Entrance - Read a book with a map
My choice: City of Broken Magic (Chronicles of Amicae #1) by Mirah Bolender - I've had this fantasy on my self for what feels like ages.  I've seen some mixed reviews of this series opener, but it sounds promising.

2. The Ashthorn Tree- A book that keeps tempting you
My choice: The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennett - I've really enjoyed what I've read from Bennett in the past and I've been looking forward to reading this alternate history sci-fi fantasy.

3. The Mist of Solitude - Read a standalone.
My choice: The Hammer by K.J. Parker - I enjoyed Parker's brand of fantasy with Sharps when I read it several years ago, and I've decided that I really need to try more of his work.  

4. Ruin of Skye - Rea a book that features ghosts, haunted houses, or supernatural things
My choice: The House by Bentley Little - I picked up this haunted house book at a yard sale ages ago.  It sounds like a promising horror novel.

5. Obsidian Falls - Read a thriller/ mystery.
My choice: The Cousins by Karen M. McManus - I've really enjoyed McManus' brand of YA mystery and this sounds like it will be great too.

6. Tower of Rumination - Read a 5 star prediction
My choice: Something From the Nightside (Nightside #1) by Simon R. Green - I've been meaning to start in on this urban fantasy series for ages.  It sounds like it could become a new favorite.

7. Orilium Arc - Read a book with a school setting
My choice: The Dante Club (The Dante Club #1) by Matthew Pearl - This historical mystery is set at Harvard.  I've seen a lot of mixed reviews of this as well, but I'd like to give it a try.

Are you taking part in this revamped readathon?  Have you read any of these books?  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and perhaps even commenting down below!


  1. Great choices! I'm considering joining in with this one, just need to find potential books.

  2. This seems like a really fun readathon, I'm looking forward to your reviews😁

  3. Completely agree on McManus. I never knew I needed her thriller YA brand in my life till I read it for myself. I hope you'll enjoy this adventure!


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