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ARC Mini Reviews: Castles in Their Bones, Tattered Banners, & Where the Drowned Girls Go

Happy Thursday everyone!  Today, I'm sharing three ARC mini reviews - Castles in Their Bones (Castles in Their Bones #1) by Laura Sebastian(released February 1st, 2022), Tattered Banners (War of the Last Day #2) by Karim Soliman (released December 21st, 2021), and Where the Drowned Girls Go (Wayward Girls #1) by Seanan McGuire (released January 4th, 2022).  I received Tattered Banners from the author in exchange for an honest honest review and the others from NetGalley in exchange for honest reviews.  Read on to see my thoughts:

Castles in Their Bones (Castles in Their Bones #1) by Laura Sebastian is a great new YA fantasy series opener.  I loved the dark fairy tale style of the story.  I saw another reviewer mention this, but it's definitely worth keeping in mind that it also has a dash of the English Tudor era politics with magic in the mix.  I particularly loved getting to the three sisters at the center of the story,  Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz, especially that we get to hear from all three perspectives in the novel.  I also particularly appreciated that the story really dives into the politics of their world.  When it's described as having a lot of political intrigue, it certainly means it!  Even though the novel is a little slow at times, it's more than worth sticking with with it.  I have a feeling that this series will be one that just gets better as it goes along.  I can't wait to read the upcoming sequel, but I don't know how I'm going to withstand the wait.

My review is also on Goodreads.


Tattered Banners (War of the Last Day #2) by Karim Soliman was a fantastic follow up to Army of the Cursed.  I'm glad I jumped one the opportunity to return for this sequel because it took everything I loved about the first installment and just improved upon it.  I loved getting to see more of Gorania and the world-building is quite visual.  It's very easy to see everything that's happening - and to picture the cast as well.  The characters could all practically walk right off the page they're so well developed.  The pacing throughout is well balanced and the whole story is a bit of a roller coaster. I was on the edge of my seat wondering where things were going to end up for everyone.  The action is so well done, but for me the characters are the ones worth sticking around for.  One of these days I need to get to this author's Tales of Gorania series since the War of the Last Day series is a spin off.  Thanks again for this brilliant opportunity, Mr. Soliman.

My review is also on Goodreads.


Where the Drowned Girls Go (Wayward Girls #1) by Seanan McGuire is another fantastic installment of what has been a mostly awesome series.  I'd say this seventh book in the series is the best since the third, Beneath the Sugar Sky, which joined the ranks of my all time favorites.  I wouldn't quite say this has reached quite this level, but it still easily earns all five of its stars.  I liked getting to know our brand new setting of The Whitethorn Institute.  I especially loved finding out that Eleanor West's Home for Wayward Children isn't the only one of its kind, even if The Whitethorn Institute isn't nearly as friendly or as safe.  It was also good to meet the new and returning cast - I'm so glad to see Cora again from Beneath the Sugar Sky!  Overall, if you haven't read this series or read this installment yet, I can't recommend it enough.  I can't wait for book eight, Lost in the Moment and Found.

My review is also on Goodreads.

Are you planning on reading any of these books?  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and perhaps even commenting down below!


  1. This is the first review I've read for Castles in their Bones and I'm hopeful I'll like it!

    1. I haven't seen too many reviews for it myself. Happy reading!


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