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Wyrd & Wonder - Sunday Funday: Week 1 Update

Happy Sunday Funday and welcome to my first weekly update for Wyrd & Wonder!  Wyrd & Wonder which is a month long celebration of all things fantasy during this month of May.  It is co-hosted Lisa @ Dear Geek Place, imyril @ There’s Always Room For One More, Ariana @ Book Nook Reviews, Annemieke @ A Dance With Books, and Jorie @ Jorie Loves A Story.  I'm so glad I decided to take part in this because it's so much fun.  I've already made some progress on my tbr and I've started in on my watchlist as well.  Keep reading to see what I got up to since this monthly event began:

My Wyrd & Wonder Posts This Week:

What I Watched This Week:

 ❋ ❋.5

Curon (2020) is a seven episode Italian fantasy horror thriller series on Netflix.  It's a little slow to really get going, but once it does will have you hooked needing to know more.  The mystery surrounding the lake, the tower, and the curse will have you wanting more.  That said, I wish it had a little more in terms of the why.  It does end on a cliff hanger and it never came back for a second season (probably due to Covid), so maybe it have done a little more there if it got another season.  Either way, it's an intriguing show.  It's not too often that I see doppelgangers onscreen.  My favorite character is Mauro, but far.  He's the one I was really rooting for throughout.  Also, I highly recommend watching this in the original Italian audio because the English voice cast is a little lackluster.  One of the coolest parts about this show is that it's really filmed in the real life Curon Venosta and that bell tower in the lake is the real thing. 

What I Read This Week:


Hard Spell (Occult Crimes Unit Investigation #1) by Justin Gustanis is an urban fantasy mystery series opener that was right up my alley.  I mean, just look at that cover!  It's very much Dragnet meets The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and Supernatural and I didn't know how much I needed that.  Plus, it's set in Scranton, PA.  I'm going to have to continue this series with Evil Dark asap.  I have a feeling it's just going to get better as it goes along.

My review is also on Goodreads.

Are you taking part in Wyrd & Wonder?  Have you seen this show or read this book?  As always, thanks for visiting and perhaps even commenting down below!


  1. Yes! Wyrd and Wonder is always so exciting. I'm off to check out your other W&W posts that I seem to have missed!


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