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Friday Flicks - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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I had initially hoped to see this movie at the movies, but was unable to at the time and I've just gotten around to seeing the dvd.  I really enjoyed the first film featuring Steve Rogers' transformation into Captain America and I enjoyed the character's appearance in The Avengers.  After hearing so many good things about this installment I was really looking forward to where the character would go from the last time we saw him.  I know some people consider the character (and first installment) to be on the boring side, but I liked it fact that Steve is already a hero before he becomes super.  If you haven't already seen other Marvel films, I think this would work very well as an entry point.  If you don't know anything about the movies or comics, you would probably be alright jumping in here.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the second installment a little more than the first.   I already had a pretty good sense of who the characters are - great seeing more from Fury and Romanoff! - and I liked seeing that they have room to still have room to grow as characters before our eyes.  It's a fairly dark film in comparison to the first, but there are still fun moments, see Steve's list and his friendship with Sam.  I can definitely say I'm really looking forward to more of Sam Wilson in these movies.

Of course, I have to talk at least a little bit about the action sequences.  The are excellently shot and they're suspenseful in a nail-biting way, the best of ways!  Like I said before, I liked seeing more of Fury, especially how nearly indestructible his SUV is and just how awesome Scarlett Johansson is (seriously, when is Black Widow going to have her own movie?).  Of course, there's the Winter Soldier himself and he makes a great foe for Steve (even though I already knew who he turns out to be, I was still shaken up and maybe a little heartbroken).  I also really enjoyed the Sam's flight sequences as the Falcon, very well done (makes me wonder when there will ever be a Maximum Ride film...)!

I know this review didn't do the movie justice - just go see it! :)


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