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Birthday Book Haul!

Today, I celebrated my birthday in style - shopping at Half Price Books and Barnes & Noble followed by lunch at The Cheesecake Factory along with thoroughly examining the shops at Polaris Fashion Place!  I even walked into Saks Fifth Avenue - although, I admit, everything was so expensive I was half afraid to look at anything too hard let alone even think about touching anything.

Primarily using gift cards, I brought home the following books:

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, Lionheart by Sharon Penman, Bone Quill by John and Carol E. Barrowman, The Awesome by Eva Darrows, Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger, You by Caroline Kepnes, The Enemy by Charlie Higson, The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl by Barry Lyga, and Time Salvager by Wesley Chu

I also picked up Angel, Season 3 from Half Price Books!

Now the real question:  Which one should I read first?


  1. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy The Lies Of Locke Lamora, it's definitely one of my favourite fantasy books. The humour in it is great, the world is really cool and detailed and you will definitely come to love the characters. The next two books in the series are pretty good as well but Lies is definitely my favourite. It's really good fun and a perfectly constructed adventure. I can't wait to see what you think of it!

    1. Thanks very much! I've heard so many great things about Lynch that I figured it was time to see what the fuss is about!

  2. Aww happy birthday! You have the same birthday as my partner-in-crime Kerr! That's such an awesome collection. I've been wanting to read The lies of Locke Lamora for ages! So I hope it's good. And I love that spine for Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.

    I wasn't sure where to post this but we have nominated you in our post of the Liebester Awards. There is more info on this link: Basically we wanted to thank you for commenting on our Top Ten Tuesday posts. We do enjoy reading your comments. (I know you've already been nominated and done this post previously so we understand if you do not wish to do it again but we wanted to show our appreciation of your site).

    Thank you
    Rachel and Kerr @ Paein-and-Ms4Tune

    1. Thanks! Tell Kerr happy birthday for me! :)

      It definitely looks like I'll have to check out Lynch first!

      Thank you very much for the nomination!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lauren! This sounds like the perfect birthday, books and food. I've been dying to read The Lies of Locke Lamora. The only one of these I've read is The Enemy, which I really enjoyed. Hope the rest of your day is amazing!

  4. Happy birthday! What an amazing haul, too. Have fun reading your new cache! :)

  5. Happy Birthday! So many books. I am jealous! Let me know how LION HEART is.

  6. Oh my word, that sounds like the most amazing birthday! Speaking of which...Happy Birthday! I haven't read any of these, so I don't know what to suggest. But I hope you enjoy all of them!


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