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Magical Readathon: Orilium - Traveller's Key Character Creation & TBR

Happy Saturday everyone!  This September I've been following the Novice Path for the Magical Readathon, hosted by G. @ Book Roast.  The readathon is based around a magical academy (Orilium) and taking part in the Novice Path this month features our journey to the academy.  The character creation aspect (the Scholar's Key) of this readathon is open to complete up until April 2022.  You can come up with several aspects of your character's story yourself, but there are also 3 prompts to select some background elements.  This October I am going to work my way through those prompts and begin to focus a little more on creating my character for the main part the readathon coming in April 2022.  As of now, though, I'm hoping my character will be a dwarf who lives in an urban setting in the province of Daerune.  I don't know about you, but that sounds really cool to me.  Without further ado, keep reading to see the books I plan on reading as a begin to design my character who will be studying at the magical academy of Orilium:

Urban - Read a book set in a city or a town

My choice: Bitten (Otherworld #1) by Kelly Armstrong - I've had this urban fantasy series opener on my tbr for ages. One of my friends is a big fan of the series and it's time I find out what it's all about.

Daerune - Read a book set in a desert 

My choice: Beyond the Red (Beyond the Red #1) by Ava Jae - This YA sci-fi novel is the first book in a sci-fi trilogy that sounds like it has a lot of potential.  Also, I thought I would note that Ava Jae is the previous pseudonym of the author Gabe Cole Novoa.

Dwarf - Read a science fiction

My choice: Adaptation (Adaptation #1) by Malinda Lo - I haven't read very much from this author, but from the sound of it I need to get caught up.

Are you taking part in this new edition of the Magical Readathon?  Have you read any of these books?  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and perhaps even commenting down below! 


  1. What an interesting readathon. I hope you enjoy all these books!

  2. I'm not participating but it sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy these books!

  3. Bitten/ Otherworld is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series too -- and the show on Netflix is pretty good too. This is also a series that just keeps getting better with each book, with the best one being Frostbitten (Book 4?). I hope you'll enjoy it.

    1. Good to know! There's a show?! I'm going to have to look into that too. :)


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