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Early Autumn Tag

I've been tagged by Ellen @ Random Smiles to complete the Early Autumn Tag.  Thanks Ellen!

 Do you go out of your way to run through the autumn leaves?

Sometimes - it really depends on how big the pile is.

Do you rake up leaves on the lawn or do you just leave them where they fall?

Since I don't live in town, I leave them where they fall.

How close do you sit to the fire before you get too hot?

I don't have a fire place, but sometimes I like to sit right beside the furnace register.

Do you make hot chocolate from scratch or from the packet?

From the pack or container - I've tried the made from scratch kind but never made it myself before.

Do you make hot chocolate with milk or water?

Usually water, but I've made it with milk too.

What's your favorite pumpkin-based food?

Pumpkin-pie, easy.

Do you like feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm?

After a burning hot summer I do like feeling the brisk air, but if it gets too cold I would rather be warm.

Do you buy autumn scented candles?

I have a lot of candles, but I usually don't buy autumn scented ones.  Once I had a pumpkin pie scented one, and I realized I was a little mad because I kept thinking I had a pie in the oven since it smelled so good and then I realized it was just a candle.  Very disappointing.

Do you collect autumn leaves for pressing?

I've never done that before.  I think I would like to try flower pressing.

Do you travel for the half term holiday?

I'm not in school any more.  If I can get the time off I'll go on a short trip, but I wouldn't call it traveling.

Are you more active during the autumn, or more laid back?

Versus the summer?  Then, yes.

Do you spend more time outside during the autumn?

Yes, if it's not to chilly.

Do you go pumpkin picking?

I love to!

Do you have any traditions to celebrate the start of autumn?

None that I can think of...

Do you bake cookies during the autumn?

Sometimes, but I probably do more in the winter.

Do you eat baked pumpkin seeds?

I have, but not in a long time.

When you go outside, do you blow to see your breath?

If it's much later in the season, or in the winter.

Do you watch movies in bed or in front of the fire?

I don't usually watch them from bed, and I don't have a fireplace either.  If I'm chilly enough I'll drag my chair over to a furnace register and sit all bundled up by it!

What's your favorite roast dinner?

Roast beef.

Cold rain or dense fog?


Fuzzy boots?

No.  Unless you're referring to the slippers that pull on like boots, then yes in winter.

Do you go hiking in the forest?

Yes, I love to any time of the year.

Do you enjoy the sounds of migrating birds?   

I enjoy the sounds of birds in general.

Do you go apple picking?

Last time I did that I was probably in second 19 years ago.

What's your favorite tea to drink in the autumn?

Nothing special.

Fluffy socks?

Yes, but more so in the winter.

Knitted scarves?

Yes, but more so in the winter.

Do your make your own cider?

No, but I have watched it being made before.

Do you read more books in the autumn or summer?

Not sure, but I'm probably inside more in autumn to do it.

How good are you at pumpkin carving?

Not too bad - I've done a pretty good jester hat, spider, and puking pumpkin in the past.

I'm not sure who all has done this tag, but if you would like to take part please feel free!


  1. puking that with its guts hang out?

    1. Yeah! You carve the face - preferably one that doesn't look happy and instead of throwing all of the guts away put some through the mouth hole to puddle on the table. :)

    2. This looks like a fun tag! Definitely going to do it soon :) great answers too - I'm also more active in the autumn which is kind of weird to think ahah

      Most recent post on Enchanted by YA:

    3. I'm looking forward to seeing your responses! :)

  2. I love the non bookish tag so that I can get to know bloggers a little better! Very fun!

    1. I do enjoy doing something a little different every now and then. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!


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