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Sunday Funday: Dragon Loyalty Award Answers and Book Haul

A couple of weeks ago Emily @ Ink, Inc. nominated me for the Dragon Loyalty Award: The Great Game and I posted my nine "facts" - which if you remember four were true and five were false, or five were true and four were false.  Now, it's high time to reveal the answers!

1. A personal life goal is to amass a personal library to rival the Beast's library from Beauty and the Beast.  TRUE - Isn't this every bookworms goal?

2. Every week I take part in four separate memes, two of which I host on my own blog. FALSE - I take part in four weekly memes (Music Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, The Friday 56, and Book Beginnings) and I host Music Monday on my blog.  Every now and then I also do a Sunday Funday post, but not weekly.

3. I live in middle of a bustling city in the state of Ohio in the U.S. FALSE - I do live in Ohio, but out in the country.

4. I recently had myself resorted on Pottermore - originally I was a Gryffindor, but now I am a Hufflepuff. TRUE - When Pottermore originally started I was a Gryffindor, but then just a month or so ago when the Sorting Hat was brought back I got myself resorted into Hufflepuff.

5. The movie I last saw in theaters was The 5th Wave. FALSE - The last movie I saw in theaters was Deadpool.  Still looking forward to seeing The 5th Wave when it's released on DVD.

6. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the pilot episode of The Magicians considering how irritated I was after I read the first book. TRUE - I can't wait to continue with the tv series.

7. My favorite actor to play the Doctor is Matt Smith. FALSE - Matt Smith is great, but so far my favorite actor to play The Doctor is David Tennant.

8. One of my favorite reads of 2015 had to be A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab.  TRUE - I loved it and I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel!

9.  My favorite genres of music to listen to are big band swing, bluegrass, and alt-rock. TRUE - I know, I like strange combinations of music.

So, how did you guys do?

And now, on to my most recent book haul since the spoils of Christmas.  Since then I've purchased four books.  Two of which were bought when I stopped by my favorite local bookstore during an event they were hosting on March 15th - I just couldn't walk out without buying something, you know.

The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle by Janet Fox - This one was released on March 15th which means I bought it on its release day - wow!  I listed this one on a TTT back in January about books I recently added to my tbr.  I have high hopes for this one - it sounds like a fascinating middle grade novel.

The Crown Tower (The Riyria Chronicles #1) by Michael J. Sullivan - This book came out about three years ago, but it sounds exactly like something I should have read much sooner!

The next two books I picked up from different vendors at the Scott Antique Market in Columbus.  I really wanted to go since this weekend's show is the last of the Columbus shows for the season,  I got pretty good deals on these two!

Last Rites by Perry Michael Smith - Okay, there's zero information on Goodreads about this 1971 sci-fi paperback, but let me tell you what the back of the book says:

"What does a retired ax murderess have in common with an alcoholic expert on St. Thomas Aquinas?  How can a man sealed inside a Patton tank be shot and killed when the only witness is able to swear that there was no murder?  Why are Quasars suddenly blinking out all over the universe?

Father John Doffenbaron, a soul at home only when emptying a bottle or programming a computer, is taken into the Fellowship, a super think-tank organization hidden beneath a mountain of granite somewhere in the American desert.  The organization exists to sell Power to anyone able - or willing - to pay their price.  Each member of the Fellowship team receives a special reward for his services.  For Father John, the reward is the exclusive right to operate the greatest computer ever conceived.  In return, he has only to surrender his loyalty - and his soul..."

After seeing the cover and reading that description, I willingly handed over my fifty cents!

The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton - I hadn't heard of this one before now, but the description hooked me right off the bat!

Well, that's all for now everyone!  Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh, David Tennant is pretty awesome too!

    The Charmed Children book looks awesome. That cover is rather cool. I'd probably pick it up just because of the cover.

    Also, that last one, The Lock Artist sounds very intriguing.

    1. Agreed!

      Honestly, the cover is the only reason I actually added it to my tbr - the summary itself sounds great.

      I'm really hoping The Lock Artist is as good as it sounds. :)

      Thanks for visiting Ashley!

  2. How did you like Deadpool? I though it was so much fun! I was laughing non stop. :) The library in Beauty and the Beast is magnificent. One day...

    1. Deadpool was so much fun! I was really pleased with it!

      Thanks for visiting, Genni!

  3. I was pretty close with my guesses, yay! And yay you're reading Crown Tower! I love Michael J Sullivan's books so much! Have you read his other series, Riyria Revelations? It's the original series featuring the characters from Crown Tower, and even though Crown Tower is a prequel and could be read alone, I recommend Theft of Swords first.

    1. You really were! :)

      I haven't read his other series, but in the author's note it does say you can read it without having read the other series. Can't wait to get to it! :)

  4. How did I do? I'm going to paste in my comment from the original post and see ...

    1. Obviously? --> I was right!

    2. Oh! You host Music Monday and you take part in a Friday one (the Friday 54? 45?) and TTT, but do you host another? I'm going for false. --> again correct!

    3. Nope! Ohio countryside. --> I'm on a roll!

    4. I didn't know you could get resorted. (I've not been on Pottermore in years.) I'm going for true. --> LOOK AT ME GO!

    5. True? --> Aaand my lucky streak has broken.

    6. Got no idea what this is, I'm going to for true! --> Good guess, Emily. Thanks, Emily.

    7. This seems too obvious ... false? --> I'm basically a genius.

    8. TRUE. I'm certain on this one! --> and I didn't let myself down.

    9. I was going to say yes but I've already guessed true five times? So false! (Not sure though. If this one is true, and I have to change one of my answers, I think I'd go for ... #4.) --> Dang it!

    Still, 7/9, that's not bad! I'm quite proud of myself. Thanks for playing! I'm posting my answers tomorrow (hopefully).

    Your books look cool -- The Crown Tower sounds like my kind of read! Tell us what you think.

    1. You were so close - even if some of those were guesses! :)

      I'm really hoping The Crown Tower is as good as it sounds.

  5. I can't believe I forgot to post my guesses!! I've been so inactive as of late, it's horrific, I know! This was really fun to read through though: for me, the Doctors are the other way around. Matt Smith has definitely been my favourite, whilst Tennant is probably my second. 100% agree about Beast's library though - IT'S AMAZING.
    I finally got round to making this myself - thanks for the tag, good luck with your guesses!

    1. Don't worry about it! :) The Beast's library is definitely a worthy goal.

      Thanks for sharing - and I'll try my best!


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