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Chicken Challenge: Get Creative - Interactive Horror Movie Logic

Welcome back to week four of Lys @ The Mad Reader's Chicken Challenge!  My topic for this Get Creative post features Horror Movie Logic.  If you watch plenty of horror, both new and classic like me, you know that characters in horror movies seem to have their own special brand of logic.  Anyway, my post is going to be interactive - I'm going to share some scenes that feel like they could be right out of a horror movie and then it's you guys turn.  For each scene, you guys, my readers, to come up with what you think should happen next for each one using your best horror movie logic.  You don't have to do all of them (you can only do one if you want to), but be as creative as you can and have fun!

1. You and a group of friends are going on vacation. Your car runs out of gas in the middle of nowhere and it’s getting dark. You realize you can't get a signal on your cell phone. The only things you’ve seen on the road are an abandoned old house with a little girl selling lemonade in the overgrown front yard, a poorly lit gas station without any customers, and an amusement park that’s closing down for the night. What do you do?

2. You’re interested in buying a house and are speaking with the realtor about it. What are the two most important questions you should ask the realtor about the property before you buy it?

3. You hear a noise in your house. You decide to investigate what caused it – maybe it was only the cat. What do you do?

4. To escape a crazy man in a nondescript pale mask, you enter an old farmhouse through the cellar storm doors. You manage to lock the storm doors from the inside, but when you look up the stairs leading to the main level, you realize that there is no door. What do you do?

5. While walking along the beach, your friend found an antique necklace and has been wearing it proudly each day during vacation. Recently, you noticed that she’s sleeping more, looking pale, wincing at bright lights, and then at dinner she surprises you by speaking another language you didn't know she spoke. What do you do?

6. You are watching tv when the image flickers and loses its cable connection. You notice an image is slowly emerging from the static on the screen. Your friend happily exclaims "Oh good! The picture is coming back.” But, you’ve seen that the movie The Ring, and you’re pretty sure that that isn't your show. What do you do?

7. You find a desiccated corpse in a coffin. Buried with it is a rosary, a dead cat, a dagger and a wilted rose. You have to take one of the items buried with the body. What do you take and why?

8. You are being chased in the dark through a cornfield by a monster. You’ve just reached the edge of the field. To your left is your car, to your right is your house, and straight ahead is your neighbor’s home. Where don’t you go?

9. You are babysitting. A psycho keeps calling you on the house's landline phone and menacingly asks you to check on the children. What should you do?

10. You’re with a group of strangers and you’re all being stalked by a vicious monster. You have to pair off with one of them - which one do you pick as your partner: the science geek, the jock, the cheerleader, the criminal, or the pale and quiet girl?

As always, thanks for visiting my blog - and hopefully participating.  Until next time!


  1. Tag. You're It! :D

  2. #6! OMG! Run like hell. I still have not forgiven my husband for showing The Ring to me 9 years ago.
    Love this post! Haha!

    1. I don't blame you! :D

      Thanks for coming over, Glenna!

  3. 1) Try the gas station. So we can get the $%^& out ha ha. But we all go... none of this "I'll go get the gas" stuff cause that person ain't coming back lol.
    3) If I have to go check it's with a weapon and none of this "Hello? Is anybody there?" stuff. Or I head out the door and wait til morning lol.
    8) I just keep running. :)
    9) This might be one of the freakiest. They're inside the house. Save the kids but GET OUT.
    10) Good one! I'm not sure TBH- if it was the Scooby Doo gang maybe I'd go with Shaggy since Scooby goes with him and maybe the monster will go after scooby instead!

    1. I think you made some pretty good choices, Greg - especially for number 8 and 9! :)

  4. 1) I go - with all of my friends - in the amusement park. There's no way I go see the little girl (children are scary!) and I have a bad feeling about the gas station.
    If the amusement park is closing down, it means it was open which also means it had customers so it's the safest.

    2)I have no experience when it comes to buying a house. I usually bring my brother and he does all the talking and inspecting stuff. If I was completely alone though... I'd ask if the walls are thick or not and ... If the neighborhood is safe, I guess...? >< Now you know why I bring my brother lol

    3)That happened to me once while I was alone ! I turn on every light I can find and I grab a knife just in case. (Although I probably wouldn't use it since I can go to jail if I hurta thief/killer/whateber in my own house).

    4)Why did I go to the house in the first place ? NEVER lock yourself somewhere when a killer's after you ! But in this case... I try to call the police or I try to find a weapon and get out of the house.

    5) I tell her this necklace is dangerous is she should take it off. If she doesn't... Too bad for her, as long as I'm not the one wearing it ~

    6) OMG This movie traumatized me ! (That's why a child shouldn't watch scary movies). I don't know how to kill this thing since I don't remember the end of the movie but I think my first reaction would be to pray lol

    7) I take the dead cat so I can bury it somewhere far away from my home so I know nothing will bother me

    8) I don't go in the house! And not in the car either, I think I'll go in my neighbor's house so we can take down this monster together! Or die together but at least we try

    9) Why are these situations so creepy ?! I don't know, it's so hard. What if I check on them and there's a killer waiting for me ? I think I yell at the children to come to me (#wimpforever) and then we get out !

    10)That's a very good question. The criminal can be useful to help profiling the monster, and as a criminal he/she's supposed to know how to escape this, right ?
    But if there is a monster there are powers so maybe the pale and quiet girl is a witch ! In that case I pair off with her.

    It was so much fun to answer all of these ! It's such a great post *.*

    1. Thanks for playing along Lys! Sounds like you have some pretty logical answers to my creepy questions! :D


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