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Spell Tracker (Light Mage #1) by Alex C Vick (ARC) - Review

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I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Luca has a problem his magic can’t solve. The boy he’s loved since they fought side-by-side as gladiators in Ancient Rome is about to die for the last time. Luca's only chance to prevent it is to make a deal with the Spell Tracker. Luca is a Light Mage, the rarest of magicians as he can travel this dimension without losing his memories. He helps others take up their magical professions. Now with the help of the Spell Tracker, he's earthbound again as a high school senior. The boy he’s here to save is nothing like he expected and the Spell Tracker can't for him to fail because life of this particular Light Mage is something he’s always wanted.

Spell Tracker by Alex C. Vick is a decent YA LGBT+ Fantasy series opener and for the most part I enjoyed getting to know the characters and their world. Unfortunately, it takes a little while for the story to really take off. Plus, there were moments where I felt left out of the loop. As you go along certain story elements become more clear and it begins to pick up the pace. Pacing and clarity issues are the main issues I had with the book and most of the reason why I knocked this story down to three stars. Either way, this novel has a lot of potential. If you're looking for a twisty fantasy novel with a dash of cute M/M romance that's a good fit for younger teen audiences, then you may want to try Vick's newest release.

I read this ARC on November 29, 2018 and my review is also on Goodreads.


  1. It sounds like it has potential story wise, but maybe it just wasn't executed well. Too bad, I do like that cover!

  2. Great review. Sounds like even with the problems it's worth the read.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. I love dis book I already red it and alex's legacy of androva series


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