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Sci-Fi Month 2022 - Celebrate A Subgenre: Apocalyptic


Happy Friday everyone!  Today, in honor of Sci-Fi Month 2022 (Image credit: Artwork by Simon Fetscher), I'm taking part in the Sci-Fi Month Challenge 2022.  Today's topic is Celebrate A Subgenre: Apocalyptic and I'm going to spotlight a book I haven't talked about in ages.  I absolutely loved it back when it was new, and it was even one of my favorite reads of 2015.  

The book that I'm talking about is City of Savages by Lee Kelly.  As far as I'm concerned this debut novel never quite got the level of attention that it deserved.  It was exactly the kind of standalone sci-fi post-apocalyptic dystopian novel I was looking for and I can't recommend it enough.  It's a character-driven psychological story told from dual perspectives with great characterizations and world-building.  

Check out the description:

It has been nearly two decades since the breakout of the Third World War, and Manhattan is now a prisoner-of-war camp ruled by island native Rolladin, who controls the city’s survivors with an iron fist. For Skyler Miller, Manhattan is a cage that keeps her from the world beyond the city’s borders. But for Sky’s younger sister, Phee, the Central Park POW camp is the only home she’d ever want.

When strangers arrive in the park, carrying a shocking message, Sky and Phee discover there’s more to Manhattan—and their family—than either of them had imagined. As disturbing secrets about the island begin to surface, Sky and Phee have no choice but to break the rules to uncover the full truth of their long-shrouded history. When their search for answers erupts into violence, the girls must flee into Manhattan’s depths, where their quest for a better future will force them to confront the island’s dark and shocking past.

Lee Kelly’s gripping debut novel is a pulse-pounding journey through a city that’s as strange as it is familiar, where nothing is black-and-white and buried secrets can haunt.
You can also check out my review here, if this has caught your interest.  I also enjoyed Lee Kelly's follow up historical fantasy novel called A Criminal Magic and I'm very excited to see that she has a book coming on June 6th, 2023 which she has co-written with Jennifer Marie Thorne called The Antiquity Affair.

 Have you read this book?  What are some of your apocalyptic novels?  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and perhaps even commenting down below!


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