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The Harvest (The Last Orphans #2) by N. W. Harris - Review

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I received a free copy of this e-ARC in exchange for honest review. Thanks so much for offering this opportunity!

Shane and company thought they saved what was left of the world after they shut down the limbic manipulator. However, there's a war on the horizon that no one expected or could in anyway prepare for what's coming - aliens. They find themselves working with a secret organization that's training them to survive the oncoming storm alongside other groups of teen survivors from around the world. Determined to keep the children in their care safe, Shane and his team take on a suicide mission to attack the main ship in the fleet, but no amount of training will be enough to ready themselves for a battle in which the freedom of humanity hangs in the balance.

I was absolutely thrilled when N. W. Harris contacted me to review the ARC of the sequel to The Last Orphans, The Harvest. The second installment begins immediately after the previous one ends with meeting some surviving adults who agree to help Shane and his friends. I liked the addition of these characters, Lily, the doctor, and Jones are great new characters. I don't really want to give too much away, but I was quite surprised with the sharp left turn the story takes in terms of the alien threat. But, this new development just adds a great new pulse-pounding level to what we learned in book one. In regards to a later twisty development, I had a feeling something like that would happen - I've just read and watched too much sci-fi, fantasy, and horror not to suspect something like that!

Like in The Last Orphans, the story at the heart of The Harvest is one of survival in times of great loss. It's a fantastic high-octane post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller. Our main cast has developed well over the course of two books, too. We even get to see Shane's feelings for Kelly deepen in that he'll gladly die for her, but refuses to die with her. In fact, we see that thinking like this begins to cloud his judgment. All of the cast seems realistic in the way they deal with the hand they've been dealt regardless of how terrible or strange. Just as before Tracy still managed to steal the show as a standout character.

If you like The Walking Dead (the comics or tv series), the tv show Revolution, and the movie Edge of Tomorrow, you really need to read this series by N. W. Harris! I cannot wait to see where he will take the story in book three!

I read this e-ARC from March 2 - 5, 2015 and my review is also on Goodreads.


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