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Music Monday: Cajun Classics

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to Music Monday! Let's share some songs we've been enjoying lately!  If you would like to play and I really hope you do, please see the rules and link up below.


Every Monday share one or two of songs you've been enjoying lately.  It doesn't have to be a specific genre, new, or one of your favorites - just something you'd like to share with others.  If possible, share a music or lyric video of the song and your thoughts on the song(s), artist(s), and/or music video(s).

If you would like to participate in Music Monday, please join the link up by sharing your post's url.

This week I'm sharing a couple of classic cajun songs - "Alligator Man" and "Diggy Liggy Lo".

"Alligator Man" by Jimmy C. Newman (1962) - This song also has some classic country elements, but it definitely features a cajun style fiddle.  The video is of a live performance from a 1963 episode of The Porter Wagoner Show.  Personally, I like listening to this one with the speed set on 1.25 or 1.5 - Newman starts singing around 0:45.

"Diggy Liggy Lo" by Doug Kershaw (1969) - This is a live performance from 1990 and it just makes me feel happy.  Plus, I have no clue how he manages to actually play that fiddle like that, but he does!


  1. Great picks! I haven't heard of these songs before so thanks for mentioning them.

  2. I didn't have time to listen because I'm at school, but I will later! I don't listen to Cajun that often l, so I'm interested!

    1. Hope you like them! Thanks for linking up, Genni!


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