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Incarnate (Newsoul #1) by Jodi Meadows - Review


Ana is born into a world where people have been reincarnated for thousands of years, but Anna is brand new. She's a new soul, or as some say, a no soul. When she was born everyone expected her to be Siana's newest reincarnation, but Siana is gone and Anna has taken her place. Needless to say, not a whole lot of people are happy to see a new person when their long-time friend is just plain gone. Now that Ana is older she plans to go to Heart, the capital city, to see if she can learn anything about herself and what she means to society as a new/ no soul. But, then, she gets distracted by a boy... and there's dragons and iPhones (or at least Range's version of them) and stuff.


This story has so much potential. I mean, the blurb on the back cover sounds so interesting - Reincarnation-related mystery? Count me in! But unfortunately pretty much none of the questions were answered, or properly answered at any rate. None of the really interesting issues were touched upon all that much either. When Sam is introduced in the very beginning I just had this feeling and I muttered to myself, "what do you want to bet this guys is going to become her love-interest?" I can't believe how right I was because Ana basically forgets about about her goal when she first claps eyes on him - oh, instalove! Their romance is sweet (even if Ana can be downright irritating), but from then on it fails at telling the story it sets out to tell.

Overall, the concept is kind of fantastic, but the execution of it, not at all. I really wanted to enjoy this but it wasn't for me.

I listened to the audiobook from October 28 - 31, 2014 and my review is also on Goodreads.


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