Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let the adventure begin!

Time to dust off the old blog!  When I say "dust off the old blog" I actually mean I'm remaking my old blog that I hardly ever used through Blogger.  Much easier to deal with this way.

Primarily, I plan on using this as a book blog where I'll talk about and review awesome books.  My scale is out of 5 stars with 5 being the absolute best.  I love fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and YA, so there will probably be quite a few that fall into those categories, just to give you a heads up.  Occasionally, I may discuss movies or tv shows I've watched or music I've heard.  Perhaps, I'll even chat about something particularly interesting that's happened - chances are that'll be my latest book haul.

You can also visit me on Goodreads and Twitter, where I'm generally pretty active and see what I get up to over there.

I'm going to start off by posting some of my favorite reviews which are also available on Goodreads.

Let the adventure begin!

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