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Sunday Funday

Most exciting news of the week: Lots of yard sales this Labor Day weekend!  I picked some of the best sounding ones to see if I could come across any astounding deals that I would need to get and I found some good ones!

Second most exciting news of the week: I won another Goodreads First Reads Giveaway!

Naturally, I'll start off with the books I found for great prices at the yard sales!  I found a copy of The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun,

Little Bee by Chris Cleave,

and The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory.

I wasn't sure that I would go back to The Cat Who books (I've only read #2 and #7), but I did prefer the tone of the second book so I figured I'd go back and see how it began with The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.  I also wasn't sure if I would go back to The Cousins' War, but The Red Queen was only a quarter and I am interested in that time period.

During the yard sale madness, I stopped by the local college bookstore (which includes a regular bookstore as well as the course books) and I found a book that I've had my eyes on for a while, Mrs Hudson's Diaries: A View from the Landing at 221B by Barry Cryer & Bob Cryer.  Although the ratings aren't the best, I still thought I'd give it a shot as I love Sherlock Holmes.

I found a few dvds at the yard sales, too!  I found Arrested Development Seasons 2 and 3 and I can't wait rewatch the rest of the series!  I also stumbled across Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, which I have been meaning to watch for some time now.

As for the Goodreads Giveaway, I was one of ten lucky winners out of 2,661 entrants to win both In the Window Room by Steven J. Carroll and it's sequel, A Prince of Earth!

Now here's some completely random good news:  I went to my favorite Chinese place again and I received a what seems to be a completely normal fortune cookie.  This is news because the previous two times I had eaten there I received mildly sinister fortunes both times.  The first fortune said, "Don't forget you are always on our minds." and the second said, "Act like a role model. The younger is watching."  I mean, what kind of fortunes are those, and who exactly is watching me?!  So this time around, I was wondering what would be in store for me.  I was thinking I would get one like, "We are still watching you." Turns out though I got a relatively normal cookie, "You are born with the "sixth sense" and superb insight."  That, in my opinion, is relatively normal...unless the cookie people are referring to the "I see dead people" variety of the sixth sense.


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