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Sylvan Elf Tears (Dreamweaver Chronicles #1) by Nicua Shamira - Review

Sylvan Elf Tears: Dreamweaver Chronicles Book 1

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Two brothers dream of adventure and it comes right to their door. There is talk of war and an evil ruler plotting to overthrow the Nine Nations. The two brothers in question meet up with a great warrior and are trained to fight. Over the course of the story the two young men must grow up in order to survive what's coming. They must also find the hope, strength, and trust to live through the adventure. Their worlds are broadly expanded as they meet new creatures, make new friends and allies, and travel to areas they never believed would have existed.

I really enjoyed this tale of two brothers. They are well-written and fully fleshed out along with their horses. I loved seeing the world open up before their eyes. Locations are pretty important and places are constantly being referenced so it was a bonus to have a map to refer back to in the beginning of this book. Like I've said before I've always loved fantasy stories of this type, and I wish this was more original. In a way, it really parallels the Lord of the Rings in characters, style, and more, but truthfully I wish it didn't feel as beholden to that series even though the author definitely makes her own way with her characters and story. The style doesn't come off as effortlessly in Sylvan Elf Tears as in the Lord of the Rings or other epic fantasy works. I'm also dinging this story for the multiple typos and grammar errors. At times, these mistakes could be pretty noticeable and make the reading experience somewhat confusing.

Overall, Sylvan Elf Tears is a fun adventure story suitable for ages 12 and up. I recommend it to all fans of epic fantasy, especially of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis.

 I read this between July 17 - 22, 2014 and my review is also on Goodreads.


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