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Down the Wormhole (Wormhole Stories #1) by Ana Franco - Review

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I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

One day, a girl named Kitty (no last name) arrives at an orphanage for teens who live double lives. In fact, these teens are gods and goddess straight out of a variety of mythologies - Greek, Celtic, and Egyptian. Before she has time to be surprised by their identities, she is taken into a magical world that slowly reveals that slowly reveals the truth about herself. She'll have to come to terms quickly because there are bigger secrets about to be revealed.

Generally, I'm a fan of mixed mythologies if it's presented well and clearly. I particularly liked the sound of Lewis Carroll meets Rick Riordan which is what Down the Wormhole tries for. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to either of those. While reading I was perpetually in a state of mild confusion just trying to keep the characters straight, which is really saying something coming from me. The characters seemed to randomly jump back and forth between their "human" names and their "real" names needlessly.

As for the characters themselves, our leading lady was not fleshed out much at all. She pops into the story and things just seem to happen randomly with little explanation. Random seems to be a pretty good word choice when it comes to this story actually. The characters also behave in the same way. It really bugged me that Kitty was all over the place when it comes to actions and reactions. Although the fast-paced main plot has potential and generally held my interest, the grammar errors, plot jumps, and character whiplash prevent it from flowing evenly and organically. With some substantial work this could be the great beginning of a new series.

I read this ebook from May 8 - 9, 2015 and my review is also on Goodreads.


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