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Backlist Bingo Reading Challenge

I'm going to  be participating in a brand new reading challenge hosted by YALSA, the Backlist Bingo Reading Challenge!  As a YA librarian and reader who loves YA literature, this will be a great way for me to work my way through older releases that I missed the first time around since I try to keep up on newer releases and trends for professional reasons (as well as personal fangirl reasons).

Anyway, the goal of this challenge is to read five books from the bingo board (horizonal, vertical, or diagonal) in order to complete it, or go for a complete blackout and read all twenty-five books.  You could also do four corners or diamond.  Basically, whatever you want - the real goal is to read books from 2015 or before from YALSA's book awards and book lists from August 15 - November 15!  The challenge is open to anyone and to help facilitate discussion YALSA will be hosting two Twitter chats, one in September and one in October.

My goal is to read the top horizontal line, and these are the books I hope to read to earn my bingo and complete the challenge:

1. Read an Alex Award winner (any year) - Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, 2012

2. Read a Printz Honor (any year) - Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, 2014

3. Listen to an Amazing Audiobook (any year) - Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith, 2012

4. Read a Top Ten BFYA from the last five years - Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta, 2011

5. Read a Quick Pick from the last five years -  The DUFF by Kody Keplinger, 2011

Wish me luck!


  1. GOOD LUCK!! And also the DUFF is awesome, absolutely awesome! It's my favourite Keplinger book so far. :D And also afjdkslad all the love for Finnikin of the Rock. I've been meaning to re-read that for ages and finish the trilogy. The first book is just aaaamazing.

    1. Thanks Cait!! I'm really looking forward to The DUFF - I liked the movie quite a bit, so maybe I'll like the book more! :)

  2. OOO this looks fun! Wish I had time for it this year, but my TBR list is pretty packed for the immediate future. I've been listening to Ready Player One and it's soooooo good! And Finnikin of the Rock is a favorite of mine. I think you're really going to enjoy them both and I look forward to seeing all your reviews of these (particularly Marbury Lens because I've debating picking it up lately).

    1. At least this will give me the chance to make it through books that have been on my tbr in quite awhile! :)


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