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Sci-Fi Month 2020 - Movies & TV Shows I Want To Watch This Month


Happy Wednesday everyone!  Today, in honor of Sci-Fi Month 2020 (Image credit: Photo by Tithi Luadthong on with a quote from Seven Devils by Elizabeth May and Laura Lam), I'm sharing sci-fi movies and TV shows I want to watch (or at least get started on) this month.  All of them will be first time watches for me.  We'll see how much I'll be able to get to.  You can follow along with my progress via Letterboxd for the movies.  Read on to see what I'm hoping to watch this month:


The Girl Who Lept Through Time (2006) - I've had this on my watchlist for ages and it looks like it will be great.

The Host (2006) - I've been working my way through Bong Joon-ho's filmography and this is up next!

Project Power (2020) - The trailer for this looks like it has potential and it has a pretty great cast.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) - I've been told over and over that I need to start this series and what better time to jump in than this month?

Rollerball (1975) - I'm going to be tackling this for the Letterboxd Season Challenge and this month will be a perfect time to watch it.

TV Shows:

3% - This Brazilian dystopian thriller looks like it will be fantastic.

Dark - This German sci-fi time travel thriller sounds so cool.

The Expanse - I've started reading these novels and I've heard the tv series adaptation is brilliant so it's time I finally start in on it.

I Am Not Okay With This - One of my friends has been telling me I need to start this series, and I'm planing on diving in this month.

Upload - This sci-fi comedy drama looks pretty great.  Plus, Robbie Amell is usually good with comedy.

Have you watched any of these?  Which should I jump into first?  Are you taking part in Sci-Fi Month this year?


  1. I keep hearing people talk about Dark, so I'd definitely like to check it out. And wow, Rollerball! I'm pretty sure I saw that long ago, now I'd love to watch it again😁

    1. I was really surprised how much I liked Rollerball but there's so much more I want to know!

  2. they look great. i haven't seen any of them...though i have watched some of planet of the apes
    sherry @ fundinmental

  3. I went into this post thinking for sure I'd watched any of them, but nope, I was wrong. xD I've heard of most of these, and I'm also curious about Project Power. The Girl Who Lept Through Time has been on my to-watch list forever, too, and I just ... haven't? I've heard it's supposed to be good, though! Hope you enjoy these.

    1. Fingers crossed! I hope you enjoy Project Power and The Girl Who Lept Through Time when you get to them, Sammie.


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