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Kill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky - Review

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They didn't mean to kidnap one members of The Ruperts, the hottest boy band on the planet, but it just kind happened and now he's tied up in their hotel room. Admittedly, though, the Rupert P., the one they kidnapped, is the most useless of the group. This group of fangirls didn't mean for it to come down to kidnapping, okay, but it happened anyway and now things are really starting to spiral out of control.

After finishing this debut, I'm really surprised by how much I ended up liking it. It isn't my usual style at all, but I could really appreciate the wickedly dark sense of humor. Honestly, don't think to hard about this story or take it seriously - just have fun with it. Basically, the story focuses on these four crazed fangirls of The Ruperts (think One Direction) and they will do anything to get close to them. Things get pretty absurd and a tad offensive, especially if you see yourself in any of the four leads and take it all to heart. In all seriousness, I highly doubt I would have liked Kill the Boy Band as much if I hadn't listened to the audiobook. The production is excellent - the narrator even has to sing. The narrator gets at least one whole star to herself!

Overall, I recommend listening to Kill the Boy Band on audio. In this format, I expect it's much easier for the killer sense of humor to shine through. It takes a little while to get into it at first, but once you get going you quickly realize you don't want to stop.

I listened to this audiobook from August 17 - 22, 2016 and my review is also on Goodreads.


  1. I love the title of it, caught my eye in a bookstore.

    1. The dark sense of humor is excellent. Thanks for coming over Skye!


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