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My Hogwarts Story Tag

Sam @ Tsundoku nominated me to participate in the My Hogwarts Story Tag - thanks so much, Sam!  This tag looks so awesome and what better day to share my post than on September 1st - the day the Hogwarts Express sets off to Hogwarts!  Basically, the idea behind this tag is to imagine what your life would be like at Hogwarts.

1. Are you a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood, or a Muggle-Born?

I want to say half-blood, but maybe my dad would be the wizard and my mom the muggle.

2. Which wand chose you?

10 3/4" in length, Hawthorn wood, Unicorn hair core, Surprisingly swishy flexibility

3. Did you take an owl, cat, rat, or toad with you?

Let's face it, I would probably take Finn with me!  [But an owl would be pretty handy - sorry Finn!  By the way, notice my Doctor Who magnets in the background?]

4. Where did the Sorting Hat put you?


5. What House did you want to be in?

Originally, I was in Gryffindor the first time around on Pottermore, but then after I got resorted I was placed in Hufflepuff, which honestly feels right to me.

6. What lessons are your favorite and least favorite?

Defense Against the Dark Arts (even though it's had a spotty track record, but Professor Lupin makes up for it all) and Transfiguration (Professor McGonagall is just the best) are my favorite classes, while Potions and Divination are my least favorite (due to professors, honestly).

7. The form your patronus takes is a...

Probably a cat or maybe even some kind of bird.

8. When confronted with a Boggart what does it look like for you?

Probably a dead body like Mrs. Weasley's...

9. Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?

Like Sam, I'd probably participate in a magical book club if that was an option.  Otherwise, I'd probably be in the band.

10. If you have free time where would you find yourself hanging out?

How is this even a question - the library, of course!

11. You are most likely to get a detention for what?

Probably nothing, but forgetting to turn in a homework assignment if anything at all.

12. What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?

Simple, the same one I already have - (magical) librarian!

Thanks again for tagging me, Sam!  That was so much fun!  Since I'm not sure who has already done this tag, but if you'd like to please feel free to take part - just be sure to share your responses with me!


  1. Because I want every excuse to do anything Harry Potter-related...totally yoinking this tag. And I'd like to believe I'd be playing Quidditch in my Hogwarts life, even though I'd probably be horrid at actual broomstick-driving if this became a reality. The library is always an awesome place to hang out, though XD

    1. Cool! I can't wait to see your responses. :)

      I'd like to think I'd be doing the same, but I doubt I'd actually be playing a sport.

  2. Best tag honestly :') Loved these answers. I wouldn't want to take Divination, it imagine it would be extremely boring, and like Ron and Harry, I probably would just make up answers for the homework :P I'd love to do Quidditch, however I wouldn't love to see me fail at it, which would probably happen if I tried.

    And of course, who wouldn't want to hang out at the library. Bringing out that true Hermione.

    a little bit of sunshine

  3. Amazing tag! Doing it now, it looks like so much fun! :D

    Caroline@ Just Another Bookish blog

  4. I love this tag so much. I can't wait to do it. Ah, Lupin just makes everything better. I think his class was my favorite out of all of Harry's classes. Great answers, Lauren!

  5. Thanks for the open tag to let us all take part...I put mine up on my blog today!


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