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Magical Readathon: Orilium - Lightfall: Old Favour Pass 2023 - Announcement & TBR


Happy Wednesday everyone!  From Saturday, December 9th through Sunday, December 17th, I'll be taking part in Lightfall: Old Favour Pass 2023 as part of the Magical Readathon, hosted by G. @ Book Roast.  I've also followed the Novice Path, completed the Traveller's Key, have Geared Up, completed the Spring Equinox 2022, completed the August Equinox 2022, visited Old Favour Pass, been working on the Choose Your Own Adventure: Year In Aeldia challenge this year, completed the Spring Equinox 2023, and completed the Autumn Equinox 2023.  This mini readathon is all about shopping and taking a break from our studies during the winter festival of Lightfall at the variety of shops in Old Favour Pass.  Each shop is assigned a specific prompt and has a couple of extra activities to go with it.  You can do as much as you want whether that's visiting each of the shops and completing their prompt (which is what I'm aiming for), or just completing one prompt.  Plus, you could even just visit The Rich Pigeon Pub which doesn't have a reading prompt connected to it.  Without further ado, let's get to my TBR:

1. The Old Tails Bookstore - Book you wanted to read this year but had not had the chance yet

My choice: Dead Man's Hand (The Unorthodox Chronicles #1) by James J. Butcher - Jim Butcher is one of my favorites, so I have high hopes for his son's books!

2. Wallace's Wonderful Winter Wanimals - Snow or ice on the cover

My choice: The Sanitorium (Detective Elin Warner #1) by Sarah Pearse - This mystery really sounds creepy and atmospheric.  I can't wait to try it.

3. Shank & Shawl Legitimate Retailer - Steal a book from someone else's tbr

My choice: Emily Wilde's Encyclopaedia of Faeries (Emily Wilde #1) by Heather Fawcett - I've heard a lot of great things about this so as soon as I saw it on someone else's tbr I had to "steal" it for myself.

4. Smith & Friends & Sons Arcane Goods & Such - Last book you added to your want-to-read list

My choice: Last to Leave the Room by Caitlin Starling - I've loved what I've read from this author and I hope this is just as good.

5. Occult Premonitions - Prompt based on a random tarot card

My choice: How to Wash a Cat (The Cats and Curios Mystery #1) by Rebecca M. Hale - The random generator gave me Strength which features what looks like a lion, so I picked a book with a cat on the cover.

7. Owlcat Craft Cafe - Listen to an audiobook whilst crafting or craft in the title

My choice: Hannibal (Hannibal Lecter #3) by Thomas Harris - I happen to have an audiobook on CD of this that I've had for ages.  It's time I finally read this.

Have you read any of these books or are you taking part in this challenge?  As always, thanks for visiting my blog and perhaps even commenting down below!


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