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Music Monday: Disney Songs In The Characters' Native Tongues

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to Music Monday! Let's share some songs we've been enjoying lately!  If you would like to play and I really hope you do, please see the rules and link up below.


Every Monday share one or two of songs you've been enjoying lately.  It doesn't have to be a specific genre, new, or one of your favorites - just something you'd like to share with others.  If possible, share a music or lyric video of the song and your thoughts on the song(s), artist(s), and/or music video(s).

If you would like to participate in Music Monday, please join the link up by sharing your post's url.

This week I'm sharing a couple of my favorite Disney songs as performed in the characters' native tongues!  So cool!  You can listen to more here.

"Be Our Guest" (Beauty and the Beast)

"Part of Your World" (The Little Mermaid)


  1. Fun! I love both of them! I looked up some more and Circle of Life in Zulu is great, too. But A Whole New World?! Unfortunately it sounds like just an average Joe and Jane were plucked off the street to sing the song.

    1. Cool! I was really hoping A Whole New World would have sounded better, too. :)

  2. This is so much fun! I have listened to these (and others) before. I really like "Belle" in French.
    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great rest of the week!

    1. Thanks! It really makes me want to watch the whole movie in French now! :)


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