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Friday Flicks: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

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Walter is the Negative Assets Manager at Life Magazine.  Basically, he keeps track of all the photos used in the magazine.  He spends a good deal of his life daydreaming up all kinds of fantastical adventures.  His life takes a radical turn as Life Magazine is changing over into an online only format.  He is charged with making ready Sean O'Connell's final cover photo ready for print, but things take quite a turn when Mitty can't find the photo negative in the shipment.  He'll have to track O'Connell down halfway around the world if he wants to make his deadline.  He actually begins to live some of his craziest daydreams.

I love the original Walter Mitty film starring Danny Kaye from 1947, so when I saw this at the library I immediately checked it out.  That said I was pretty anxious to see where the new movie would take Mitty's story.  I was afraid it wouldn't be nearly as good, but it actually holds up really well!  I was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved the update on James Thurber's classic!  The movie has a strong cast, an excellent score, and a whole lot of heart.  I highly recommend this fun flick and while you're at it you should also check out Danny Kaye as Walter Mitty.  


  1. I saw this film earlier this year and I really enjoyed it - I had no idea it was a remake! I will definitely have to check out the 1947 version. Nice review! :)

    1. Yeah! It's not quite a remake...the original is a bit more of a musical - in the daydreams - since Danny Kaye was known as a singer as well as an actor. And there's also a conspiracy element!

  2. I have never seen this movie but I have looked at it multiple times. I didn't know this was a re-make.

    I have just tagged you in the Chocolate Book Tag! I would love for you to participate. Check it out here:

    1. You should check it out! :) And thanks for the tag - I link you to it when I get it posted!


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